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Operating a design business single-handedly is quite a challenge, all areas from creative concept, research, content creation and production must be intensively studied to stay completive and produce jobs of a high industry standard for my clients. Due to the intense nature of fulfilling all of these roles successfully, properly organizing my business affairs created a lot of worry and affected my ability (therefore my Company's ability) to perform to the max.

I entered R.S. Accounting & Consultancy one morning in early 2015 after the strain of worrying how to go about my business affairs became too much, half an hour later I left, a burden lifted and assured that my business affairs were in expert hands.

Since then my work flow has steadily increased and my enthusiasm for the industry is back.

Needless to say I am very happy with R.S. Accounting & Consulting.

Malachy Magee

Director: Malachy Multimedia N.V. Creative Services

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